About Us

Highest Quality, Whole Ingredients

One of the many things that makes our bread a “slice” above the rest is that our wheat is stone ground daily on site and we add no preservatives, oils, or dairy products.

That’s the starting point. It only get’s better from there.

Simple, Careful Mixing & Baking

We take our top-quality wheat and stone grind it for the purest, freshest flavor and aroma. The same care goes into our other ingredients.

We then mix all the carefully-prepared ingredients, in an exacting process that allows each loaf to turn out just like Grandma cooked it. A precision rolling, rising, and baking process follows mixing. Like the steps before it, we take great pride in the process, ensuring consistently homemade-tasting loaves every time.

The Result is The Best Bread You Can Buy

The result is excellent bread, that looks, feels, tastes, and smells like homemade. Plus our prices are excellent. There really is no downside.

You pay similar prices to the cheap, mass-market bread from the store, but get excellent, healthy, homemade-style bread that tastes amazing. Well there is one downside: we haven’t figured out a way for you to take the smell of homemade bread baking in the oven, home with you (yet).

Prairie Grain Bread Co.

Prairie Grain Bread Co. has been locally owned and operated in Utah for over 20 years. We provide our customers with healthy and delicious bread choices:

Honey Whole Wheat, 9 Grain Crunch, Golden Sunflower Wheat, Oat Bran, Golden Honey, Tri Seed, White Country, Low Cal Wheat, Ultimate Seed, and Spelt.

In Utah (along the Wasatch Front, Park City, Logan, and other outlining areas) you can find us at Harmon’s, Dan’s, Smith’s, Macey’s, Winco, Fresh Market, Target, Dicks, Costco, and most of your other fine local grocers.